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Our Story

The Beginning: 

From childhood, I can remember always having one or two active canker sores at any given time. After suffering from chronic canker sores my entire life I’ve tried every product on the market, every home remedy, every prescription and pharmacist compound, as well as every “old wives” tale to try to heal painful canker sores. The best anything did was temporarily mask the pain and in the process, these products irritated the sore and made them not only worse but last longer.

The turning point came once giving birth to my youngest son and I had the worst canker sore breakout of my life. The pain was so incredibly intense I couldn’t speak, eat, drink, or move my mouth in any way. I resigned myself to go to the doctor AGAIN and all he could prescribe were painkillers. There was NO possible way I could be on painkillers while taking care of a new baby, a toddler, and a 10-year-old. It was a devastatingly low point.

In desperation, I combined ingredients that, in the past, taken separately - had mildly helped.

The combination worked! And worked fast! 


For the next couple of months, I continued to use this combination of ingredients and it worked every time. Soon friends heard about it and tried it for themselves, and the combination continued to work for them, and word spread. After having numerous people try my combination - a pharmacist friend said, “You have to start marketing this.”

And here we are years later helping to soothe, heal, and prevent

mild to chronic canker sores fast and painlessly.

Why The Canker Spanker?


Because The Canker Spanker is the new proven fast, easy, and effective answer to relief from mildly painful to chronic canker sores/mouth ulcers.

Our products are formulated with premium ingredients to help soothe, heal, and prevent canker sores/mouth ulcers quickly.


Our topical and oral pill formulations can be used separately or together. 


a pain-free, topical soothing melt for active canker sore/mouth ulcer breakouts 

to soothe pain on contact. 


(Original and Severe) 

small, easy-to-swallow pill to quickly start your healing process from the inside out and a preventative measure to reduce or eliminate future canker sore/mouth ulcer breakouts

by up to 75% if taken daily.

*Individual Results Vary

Take a moment and check out our 


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Start Being Canker Sore Free

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