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Let's Talk About Chemotherapy and Canker Sores

Updated: Oct 21, 2023

By N. Hugues

Cancer treatment can be an arduous journey, and chemotherapy is a vital part of the process. While it plays a crucial role in combating cancer, it can bring along a host of side effects, one of which is the notorious canker sore. These mouth ulcers can be an unwelcome addition to an already challenging situation. Let’s explore the link between chemotherapy and canker sores, delve into the options doctors offer to reduce their onset and introduce two potential alternatives for relief: The Canker Spanker and Calm, each with their own unique mechanism of action.

The Chemotherapy-Canker Sore Connection:

Canker sores, or mouth ulcers, are a common side effect of chemotherapy. The reasons for their occurrence during cancer treatment are multifaceted:

Weakened Immune System: Chemotherapy affects not only cancer cells but also healthy cells, including those in the oral cavity. The weakening of the immune system can make the mouth more susceptible to ulcers.

Cell Turnover: The fast-paced cell turnover in the mucous membranes of the mouth can lead to heightened vulnerability to injury, stress, and subsequent ulceration.

Chemotherapy Drugs: Certain chemotherapy drugs can directly irritate the mucous membranes in the mouth, triggering the development of canker sores.

Options to Reduce Canker Sore Onset:

Medical professionals typically offer a few strategies to help manage or reduce the onset of canker sores during chemotherapy:

Oral Rinses: Dentists may recommend specific oral rinses to maintain oral hygiene and reduce the risk of infection.

Topical Anesthetics: Over-the-counter or prescription topical anesthetics can provide temporary relief from canker sore pain.

Oral Steroids: In more severe cases, doctors may prescribe oral steroids to control inflammation and pain.

Introducing The Canker Spanker and Calm:

When it comes to seeking relief from canker sores during chemotherapy, two products with unique mechanisms of action stand out: The Canker Spanker and Calm.

Antimicrobial Properties: The Canker Spanker contains antimicrobial properties that work by disrupting the structure and function of bacterial membranes, promoting oral health.

Hemoglobin Formation: In addition, it contains components that bind to porphyrin and globin chains, supporting the formation of hemoglobin, which is essential for delivering oxygen to the body's tissues. This mechanism aids in the overall healing process.

Versatile Relief: Calm is a topical remedy that offers relief for both canker sores providing a versatile solution for a range of oral irritations during chemotherapy.

The Benefits of The Canker Spanker and Calm:

Swift Relief: Both products offer quick relief from the discomfort and pain associated with canker sores, allowing patients to focus on their cancer treatment.

Prevention: Using The Canker Spanker and Calm can also help prevent the onset of canker sores, offering a proactive approach to managing oral health during chemotherapy and can be used in connection with recommendations from your healthcare provider.

Chemotherapy and canker sores often go hand in hand, making an already challenging time more difficult. While doctors provide various options to reduce canker sore onset, products like The Canker Spanker and Calm offer alternative mechanisms of relief, aiding in managing these oral ulcers during cancer treatment. These products provide hope and comfort for those on the journey to recovery, ensuring that canker sores don't overshadow their strength and resilience.


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